Chef Lucas Manteca, recently named the state’s “food hero” by “Edible Jersey” magazine, has cooked around the globe -- from a seaside eatery he owned in Costa Rica to some of the world's best restaurants in England, New York, and Spain. For Beachwood’s menu, he’s drawn from the most intoxicating flavors of each place.


Here, you’ll find New England classics -- think savory lobster rolls or clam and lobster bakes. Plus a raw bar with South American crudos. Wood-fired Indian naan for dipping into inventive spreads. British-style fish and chips. Authentic German schnitzel. Spanish paella. If the offerings feel all over the map, that’s because they are -- intentionally so.

“I’m not interested in a theme,” Lucas says. “I just want to make awesome food.”

The common denominator? Everything is fresh and sourced locally whenever possible. Much of the menu is driven by season. The kitchen staff trust and respect their ingredients enough to let them speak for themselves... no gussying up necessary. Even cooking methods are kept simple -- a wood-burning grill for meat and fish conjures the sensory experience of an oceanside bonfire.

While some items will be updated regularly, the below sample menu offers an idea of direction, a feel for flavor, a sense of our seasoning, (you get the idea…). Put simply, we get our kicks from honest food done well. And we can’t wait to share that energy with you.

Pan Roasted Skate Wing
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Grilled Fish Tacos & Guacamole
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Fish Bowl
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Deviled Eggs
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